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Our highly praised 5 star rated accelerated 90 - Day Course
 is seeking GLOBAL LEADERS to master the techniques of influence and  inspiration....
 Did you apply yet to become one of our STAR COACHES? Forget all the noise out there on social media! I'm an ICF-level coach! 350 hours of training! 5 years experience.10 years in Corporate and 7 years in Publicity and Design. Who else to partner with and guide you? It's your time to achieve your DREAM CAREER!
Lead and Heal others as a Life, Business, Relationship, Health, Relaxation & Play or Spirituality Coach in 2020!
 After certifying 135 people globally, we listened loud and cleat and now for 2020 offer 3 different levels of engagement: Work-From-Home Self-Paced Learning, Small VIP Group Teleclasses, or a Private 1-1 Platinum Video Training with the Coach over 1 YEAR to launch their business!
Are you already a coach and want to join LEVEL 2 of our program? (all about branding, marketing, publicity and business development? Well.. let us know in the link below, apply now  & learn more!

"Explore yourself through the concept of the 6 Dimensions of Universal Energy..and finally discover the real issue...and solution!" 

- Ultimate Spark! Coaching Creator,
Emily Correa


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Meet the Coach Trainer

Emily Correa 

CEO & Program Creator of

Ultimate Spark! Coaching 

Ms. Correa is a Master Certified Life/Business & Law of Attraction Coach. She holds 350 training hours from premier program Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching since 2013, a Masters of Science in Organizational Learning and Development (3.8 GPA) from Suffolk University, 10 years in corporate leading people & projects for billion-dollar companies and a B.A. in a Double Major of Psychology/Sociology, minor in Business Management.

She is passionate that the design and global expansion of the Ultimate Spark! Coaching Method will evolve who you are into your greatness! Shine bright new coaches!

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Unlike every other program in the market,

you will explore your own life + practice your new skills

in 6 diverse and financially HOT!! areas of the industry to determine your

TRUE PATH helping others!

Which Global Expert Are You Meant to Be?


St. Leslie,

Spirituality Coach

"It has been a blessing as well as a treasure to work with such an open, very knowledgeable and positive trainer/coach. Because of you, I'm inspired to give coaching my all and look forward to  making a positive impact, thanks to you!"

Gilbert Ramos,

Health Coach

"Great class today Emily!  I really appreciate all the work you put into the program!

I feel like hidden variables that I'm unknowingly dragging are being presented and solved in every class. I'm really looking forward to the future."

Orrick Quick,

Empowerment Coach

Hey Emily, I feel like I am fully equipped to be a life coach. The techniques I have learned have most certainly given me the confidence to be an awesome life coach. Thank you so much for all of your hard work training us,  it has been a huge blessing Q Thank you and God Bless you!

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Our Coaching Firm

All fully trained and ready to change your life!

Amber Gallagher

Lifestyle Coach for Mommapreneurs!

 "My superpower as a coach is I help moms design their best lives by assisting them in creating strategies to raise their vibration, have more fun, and live a life of JOY. 

Mark Chetwynd

Health Coach

"I help guide my clients to become the best, most vibrant versions

of themselves by establishing a relationship that is free from judgement and built on
motivational guidance and trust.


I empower them with the knowledge, skills, strategies & ongoing support

to set customized health goals

and realize them through sustainable, holistic behavior

and lifestyle modifications."

Chandel Johns

Business Coach

"Here is my power, my perk and my purpose! 

I help business leaders overcome their internal and external barriers and develop

high-performance teams

so they can achieve

their goals

and targets faster."

Mosi Smith

Spiritual Love Coach

"My passion is guiding my clients towards their soulmate, while recovering from abuse of any kind.

I specialize in spiritually leading men to be the giver a woman truly needs, while guiding women through spiritual healing so they can love again."

Book a Free 45-minute Session in the Life or Business Area you need...

Soïbon Sanchez

Mystical Mindset Life Coach

"A mind is never truly set! I motivate my clients to an understanding of their own mind.


With the use of 23 different techniques,

I empower my clients with growth and purpose, which allows them to have a truly Awesome! Positive! and Peaceful Life Journey."

Joshua Waiters

Life Purpose Coach

"My purpose is to help my ideal client to focus and help them to understand their identity and to unveil whatever their gift is to discover greatness they never thought they had..


Whatever is holding you back whether it's procrastination, lack of courage, settling for mediocrity or just accepting life the way things are, this is not living in your greatness.

Shawn Hetz

Relaxation & Play Coach

"My superpower as a coach is the ability to provide insight. Once that insight is found, it allows a healing process to begin which allows my clients to begin to enjoy life! 


My ability to act as a guide to my clients in restoring balance to their life.

My purpose is to help people enjoy their life! To remind them that life is not about going to work and paying the bills. It’s about love and laughter!"

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