the FIRE within YOU.


An Entire 90-Day Transformational Coaching Certification

 in One..

"Explore yourself through the concept of the 6 Dimensions of Universal Energy..and finally discover the real issue...and solution!" 

- Emily Correa, US!C Founder 

Our highly praised 5 star rated accelerated 90 - Day Course called "New Realities" is seeking GLOBAL LEADERS to master the techniques of influence and  inspiration..

The Ultimate Spark! Coaching process takes aspiring coaches in the 6 hottest areas of the coaching industry

(Life Purpose, Business, Health, Relationships, Relaxation & Play and Spirituality) through a 90-day journey of deep self-awareness and paradigm-breaking self-exploration...


..while training each coach to become a highly strategic & articulate “Super Coach” that truly connects with their clients on a holistic body, mind and spirit level.


An Energy-shifting Coaching Certification rated 5 stars and praised by more than 135 + graduates in 2019, this course guides each coach through a concept of the "6 Dimensions of Universal Energy, 23 proprietary Coaching Techniques & 19 Laws to the Ultimate Spark” to help you to:


  • Create a new understanding of your “perceptual reality” so you can finally take control of your destiny right now at this moment, make optimal life & business decisions on every corner of your being and connect responsibly with every client (and life experience!) with the right amount of “vibrational energy and resonance”


  • Communicate with each client in a special, positive & rapport- establishing way that is both highly organized and intuitive, so you are swiftly making a difference in an hour or less of their time


  • Become Supremely Confident & Laser-Focused, even FEARLESS on your Day-to-Day goals.. while magically planning powerful & challenging "1-year-in-advance Manifestations" that will anchor you closer to your well-deserved dreams... and ultimate success


  • Build the right foundation to leverage your new brand voice as a “Business Entity”, by understanding your Niche/Pricing/Packages and Perfect High Ticket offer & help you to masterfully craft your own unique “Power Statement” message to the Media to finally BE HEARD

  •  Determine what "1st-year-in-business" goals are "uniquely you" and set you up with the right course of action by teaching you how to weld the POWER of LEVERAGE so you can rapidly surpass your competition!

 Now more than ever, millions of people globally need a truly skillful, confident & Master - CERTIFIED coach to lead them through the dark shadows of the is the BEST time NOW to become a STAR COACH  and get discovered.
The Ultimate Spark! Coaching process is for you if:
  • You are new to coaching and highly value your time and money... and want to be trained by a been-there, done-that TOP Master-certified Coach on their secrets right away so you accomplish getting your clients in the first year of your business, not wait for this to happen in the typical 5-7..wasting thousands of hour and dollars over time! 
  • Enjoy the topics of Law of Attraction, Energy, Frequency, Visualization and Manifestation, books like The Secret, & Think and Grow Rich and see yourself being an Energy Worker, Empath or Healer that desires to actually make money and build a business coaching others, not just do it for free!
  • You have always felt like coaching was for you, or you have always given advice to others freely and FINALLY want to get paid for your natural God-given gifts and build a lucrative business you love that you can have the rest of your life and eventually leave a legacy..
  • Been in the Coaching Industry just winging it for a whole now or maybe years, without a structure to your coaching sessions or formal training... and feel if you had exact steps to take in the process and more confidence, it would be uplifting, intuitive and inspiring, not draining, confusing and depressing!
  • Desire to be "a Coach in the Spotlight" one day.. and write books, be on stage, public speak, maybe even have a Youtube..or do a tropical retreat, but don't want to do this alone! 
  • Just something inside you tells you have a mission, a destiny in helping and healing others for the new age and you are looking for the right training to reach your deepest inner truths and highest are ready to change yourself first, face your weaknesses and be that "LIGHT" for more are READY now..
For 2020, we listened loud and clear and now offer an upgrade to our certification through 4 new levels of engagement: a 4-week "Intro to Coaching Course", a  90 day Self-Paced Learning Certification, a Private 1-1 Weekly Power Training Certification, or our VIP Platinum 1 YEAR Business Launcher Certification (perfect for current coaches too who want business training!)
At no risk...we offer to you a chance to:

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Meet the Coach Trainer

Emily Correa 

CEO & Program Creator of

Ultimate Spark! Coaching 

Ms. Correa is a Master Certified Life/Business & Law of Attraction Coach. She holds 350 training hours from premier program Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching since 2013, a Masters of Science in Organizational Learning and Development (3.8 GPA) from Suffolk University, 10 years in corporate leading people & projects for billion-dollar companies and a B.A. in a Double Major of Psychology/Sociology, minor in Business Management.

She is passionate that the design and global expansion of the Ultimate Spark! Coaching Method will evolve who you are into your greatness! Shine bright new coaches!


"Awaken Your Light" Master Class
Nov 11, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST
Welcome to my "Awaken your Light" 6-Week Masterclass (Free Seat!)" Course & CERTIFICATION starting Thurs from 6pm- 7:30 PM CST for 6 weeks!
Business Launcher! Press Program Invite (Free Seat!)
Jan 14, 2021, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST
Welcome to my "Awaken your Light" 6-Week Masterclass (Free Seat!)" Course & CERTIFICATION starting Thurs from 6pm- 7:30 PM CST for 6 weeks!
The Ultimate Spark! Up Your Life Conference!
Aug 21, 2021, 9:00 AM CST – Aug 25, 2021, 5:00 PM CST
TBA, Miami, FL, USA
Don't you want to break all the chains you have in your MINDSET, LIFE PURPOSE, HEALTH, BUSINESS & CAREER, LOVE & FAMILY LIFE, WORK/LIFE BALANCE and SPIRITUAL PATH? This wonderful LIVE EVENT will bring together speakers from around the world to share their insider formulas, processes and secrets...

Unlike every other program in the market,

on your 90 day will break down walls in your own life with self-coaching + develop your new coaching skills in 6 niches of the coaching industry to determine your

TRUE PATH helping others! 

Which Global Expert Are You Meant to Be?








St. Leslie,

Spirituality Coach

"It has been a blessing as well as a treasure to work with such an open, very knowledgeable and positive trainer/coach. Because of you, I'm inspired to give coaching my all and look forward to  making a positive impact, thanks to you!"

Gilbert Ramos,

Health Coach

"Great class today Emily!  I really appreciate all the work you put into the program!

I feel like hidden variables that I'm unknowingly dragging are being presented and solved in every class. I'm really looking forward to the future."

Orrick Quick,

Empowerment Coach

Hey Emily, I feel like I am fully equipped to be a life coach. The techniques I have learned have most certainly given me the confidence to be an awesome life coach. Thank you so much for all of your hard work training us,  it has been a huge blessing Q Thank you and God Bless you!

Find more 5 star reviews here: 

All fully trained and ready to change your life!

Our VIP All Stars


Health & Mindset Coach 

"What I do is help you re-program all the garbage that society has placed on you, so you can re-emerge cleansed through it as your most powerful, champion self on a mind-body-spiritual level."


Business Coach

"Here is my power, my perk and my purpose! 

I help business leaders overcome their internal and external barriers and develop

high-performance teams

so they can achieve

their goals

and targets faster."


Spiritual Love Coach

"My passion is guiding my clients towards their soulmate, while recovering from abuse of any kind.

I specialize in spiritually leading men to be the giver a woman truly needs, while guiding women through spiritual healing so they can love again."

Book a Free 30-minute Session in the Life or Business Area you need...


Mystical Mindset Life Coach

"A mind is never truly set! I motivate my clients to an understanding of their own mind.


With the use of 23 different techniques,

I empower my clients with growth and purpose, which allows them to have a truly Awesome! Positive! and Peaceful Life Journey."


Life Purpose Coach

"My purpose is to help my ideal client to focus and help them to understand their identity and to unveil whatever their gift is to discover greatness they never thought they had..


Whatever is holding you back whether it's procrastination, lack of courage, settling for mediocrity or just accepting life the way things are, this is not living in your greatness.


Relaxation & Play Coach

"My superpower as a coach is the ability to provide insight. Once that insight is found, it allows a healing process to begin which allows my clients to begin to enjoy life! 


My ability to act as a guide to my clients in restoring balance to their life.

My purpose is to help people enjoy their life! To remind them that life is not about going to work and paying the bills. It’s about love and laughter!"

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