Meet Emily, your coach!

Entrepreneur, Publicist and CEO/Program Creator & Trainer of Ultimate Spark! Coaching!

I know what it feels like. To be a fully trained coach, but not KNOW where to go. How to publish yourself and stand OUT. 

I also know what it is to be confused about pursuing a life as a Coach. For me I STARED at my coaching school packet on my nightstand for over a year. I wondered and wondered...was it worth an investment? Then I kept running into coaches from the school I attended..I even did a huge graduate internship about an ELITE coaching program held at Babson College, surrounded by 100 coaches training the future leaders of the world.


 But I will tell you this, it's a CALLING from your SOUL to want to help others EVOLVE past their fears, broken thought patterns, and it's important to listen to your heart, mind and soul if coaching is the RIGHT path for you.

My program was created through my entire life's work,  and 5 years of coaching, a Masters in Business Psychology and is meant to SWIFTLY and COMPREHENSIVELY train you to become a STAR COACH. 

Get your FREE Guide to my program by signing up for an interview to be on my new team! Classes start in August!    - Emily C.

Your Perception is your DECISION...create your BEST WORLD.

Emily Correa

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