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Deep Conversation & Inspirational Community Building are our main goals at Ultimate Spark! Coaching in 2020!


At no cost, Ultimate Spark! Coaching is offering a free publicity offer for your business in our private VIP Global FB Community via a short, professional 5-10 minute "Expert Training Video" featuring YOU which we will widely share all throughout social media & our Youtube to boost your brand and increase your influence as a GREAT LEADER & PARTNER of US!C.


This video will highlight your expertise in easy steps the community will appreciate and love. If you can change their lives in 5-10 minutes, we want you!

How to Create Video:

1. We will gladly accept your clean editted file as an MP4. We recommend you use ZOOM to record (a free tool) or other tool you are comfortable in. It must be a new video (or editted to our standards) as you need to have a proper, formal intro as indicated below.

2. You must speak directly to the camera, with camera at eye level, be professionally/cleanly dressed and in good lighting with good sound quality! We will be sharing this heavily on social media! First Impressions matter!

3. In your introduction, please refer to the Ultimate Spark! Community directly, refer your location, expertise/title, be specific in your EXACT TOPIC (don't over complicate it) and # of minutes of your recording.


4. Remember to smile directly to the camera in your opening and closing (preferably).  Do not be braggadocious, too heavy in your bio, refer to "BUY my BOOK now", be too "salesy or directive to a "5-day program or retreat". This is simply an EXPERT TRAINING VIDEO, not a personal commercial! to help the community get to know you and to most IMPORTANTLY change & improve their lives & finances! The positive KARMA & ENERGY will return back to you!


These details will make you seen by our community as CHARISTMATIC, PROFESSIONAL, POSITIVE and increases VIRABILITY (shares!)

Example: Hi Ultimate Spark! Coaching Community, this is Michael Smith, of ABCD Consulting from Los Angeles. I'm excited to be a GUEST EXPERT on the TOPIC of Business. I'm going to share with you 5 steps to doing networking like a Beast! in the next 10 minutes. Are you ready?"

Video Camera Lens


VIP Speakers,


Brands and Coaches


  •  Increase Your Following

  • Inclusive Global Community 

  • Share Your Message, Book or Brand

  • Opportunities to Public Speak in the Future

  • Professionally Designed Video for Wide Promotion!


At the end of your VIDEO, please thank your audience to learning from you and pinpoint CLEARLY where they can find you = "you can find me at for more info on my NEW BOOK" (drop only 1 LINK / or reference to your Business for Follow Up).

6. Please email us your recording to, Subject "I'm an Expert" within 5 days of the below interest submission.. (google drive is fine, no DROP BOXES pls). If you need to compress file, please use (We love their tools!)

7. Forward your best picture for your VIDEO THUMBNAIL and COVER of which we will design! Any pictures of interest & your logo, website.

8. Once we review and approve your submission (we might get back to you with notes or adjustments), at NO COST, we will UPGRADE the Design & Video with the US!C Logo, site, graphics, titles, etc. of our preference and final approval so all the videos in our library look TOP NOTCH QUALITY professional and consistent. We will publish asap within 30 days.

9. VERY IMPORTANT: When sharing the completed video, we will heavily brand you in EQUAL trade of promotion, to participate, you are required to share the VIDEO widely, tagging our FB page (  and inviting peers to join our Global Community where your video will live of course! .