10 Tips To Follow While Travelling (Ultimate Spark! Coaching)

By: Shreya Shreemani, Ultimate Spark! Junior Coach

Packing your bags for your next trip? Pack my tips with them too, who knows they might be super helpful! Here are my 10 tips to follow while travelling, which I would have been very grateful for if someone told me beforehand. Here we go!

  1. Laws. First things comes first, every country or a state within the country can have different rules and regulations from where you live. While travelling do check on these basic laws, because not following them can get you in big trouble. For example, in some places alcohol and cigarettes can be banned by the law and your unawareness can get you in unwanted situations.

  2. Weather. Unless your fantasy is to wear big woolen furs in hot summer or get drenched in the downpour, always be updated with the weather of the place you would be touring for. And, I mean ALWAYS, this doesn’t always need to be about whether it will be rainy or sunny. If you are visiting an earthquake- prone area or where tornadoes are common, do keep yourself updated with the situation.

  3. Money. As I have been saying for forever, never make assumptions while travelling, or take your data from a 20 year old expired magazine. Find out what everything that you want or need would cost. People often pre-book their accommodations, but in case you are hitchhiking then carry some extra money in a secure form. This brings me to another aspect which is, in some places cash payment is more famous than credit cards so take a good look at that too.

  4. Researching. Find out as much as you can about the place, people, or frauds which are famous in that area. Beware of scams and the best way is by researching the place. Spend some time on research about the culture, and if possible learn some basics of the language which is spoken there, if it is different from what you speak. I would suggest keeping some alternatives on your list too. If you went on a tour at a place which is overcrowded or already full then you don’t have to return back to the hotel without any taste of roaming.

  5. Travelling too much. When visiting a new city, state or country, people often make the mistake of travelling too much, like 3 cities in 2 days. Seriously, does this even make any sense? You should stay at a place for enough time to take the gist, smell the local culture and make some memories without rushing!

  6. Travelling less. Another common mistake. People sometimes do not travel enough like visiting one monument in a city but ignoring the other tourist places like museums, beaches etc. My personal suggestion would be to ask a local if you can, because not everything on the Internet that shows are tourable places, are really in real life.

  7. Post-covid world. One thing we all know about this pandemic is that the world would never be the same again. That is why you should check if the place has anything specific about it which can be; travel bans, in some places of the city, or check out if hospitals are available for non-covid issues. As the sub-title says “POST COVID”, please, do not make this mistake of travelling without legal permissions while the pandemic is still in its full swing.

8. Vaccines/Health. Many places have compulsory vaccines that must be taken before travelling there, so do check those things out. Take medicines with you for cold, fever or whatever you require, because of your health conditions like dispensers, diabetes special ones. But, always find out if you are allowed to take it with you to a particular place.

9. Minimalist packing. Remember that you are going to tour there, you are not moving there permanently, so pack accordingly. Take things which are functional and keep necessary things handy, it always makes it easier for you to travel. Follow some basic minimalist packing tips like roll instead of fold, use the space in your shoes etc.

10. No assumptions. I cannot emphasize this enough, I mentioned this before too and doing it again because it’s so IMPORTANT! On one of my 2 day trips to the National Sanctuary, I thought that for two days, two pairs of dresses would be enough. Simple, right? But my bad luck, I found a dress malfunction, the button of my dungri broke and was left with only one dress, but thankfully, as my second dress had layers in it, I used the layer as an individual dress and it worked. That’s why I always warn people about packing accordingly. You never know which of your items will betray you, or when! No assumptions in the packing.

~ Publisher: Sahana Golla