4 Signs to Know for Sure that You Have Found YOUR Soulmate

By: Sahana Golla, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Junior Coach

“A soulmate is your own heart in a human form.”

Have you ever wondered if you are truly going to find the one and only, your other half, your twin flame? It seems like these days true love is only seen in romance movies and novels. But you know you have seen on the streets, strolling through parks, in each other’s arms, like they were created for each other and were meant to be. But when we do meet that one that was meant for us, we can instantly feel it. We often take it for granted that we can connect someone on a deeper level and truly love. Have you met the love of your life yet? Here are 4 tips to help you figure out if you have:

1. Look deep into their eyes. You know how the old saying goes, “Our eyes are the windows to our souls; they cannot lie.” By looking into another’s eyes, you are able to tell what they are feeling and can often feel a spark yourself. Are they gazing into your soul, penetrating deep beyond the physical world? Do their pupils dilate? Are they staring at your, absorbing your every word? This is a sure fire way to tell that they are in love with you and are paying attention to you. It is estimated that 93% of communication is nonverbal, made up of body language and tone of voice. So, the next time someone, namely your significant other, is trying to catch your eye, observe them more closely to see if they are gazing into your soul.

2. You can be your true, authentic self around them. When you are with this special someone, you do not have to hide behind a mask. No, I am not talking about a N-95 face mask! I am referring to a figurative, metaphorical mask in which you conceal your true identity or personality. When you are with this person, you should feel so comfortable with them and at home, to the point where you could say anything to them and open up about your deepest, darkest secrets, motivations, fears, hopes, wishes, and desires. You could pour your heart out into them, and they would have the sole intent to listen and empathize with you. This is how you know you have connected on the next level with them.

3. You share the same ideals, values, and goals. They say, “Opposites attract”, and that may be true but in this case it is not. Your significant other should share common ideals and visions of the future with you. They should also share the same values as you such as the following: respect, honesty, loyalty, trust, and obedience. Finally, they should share the same goals and mission as you. Ultimately, the goal for the two of you should be happiness and to make each other a better person.

4. You unconditionally love them. This is the best way to know if you are truly in love with them and if they are truly in love with you. If you both are able to accept each other’s flaws without question and love them to the moon and back, then you know for sure that you have found the one. It is hard to overlook others faults and imperfections, but at the end of the day, that is what makes us human. If you truly love this person, you will only see the good in them.

Hopefully with these four tips, you were able to tell if the one you love is truly your soulmate. Even if you have not found them yet or have been through a traumatic breakup or relationship, rest assured that someone is out there for you. There are not 8 billion human beings on this earth for no reason! Someday, you will find the one and will stop unleashing your inner critic on the world. At first, it is easy to be skeptical and think that there is no such thing as true love, but once you find it, the rewards will be immense and you will discover a profound, new experience!

~ Sahana Golla