5 Mental Health Things to Take Care of During the Pandemic!

By: Shreya Shreemani, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Junior Coach

Remember, studying about precautions and preventions in school? The topics were usually earthquakes, tornadoes but did you have a pandemic? Me neither. It is a circumstance no one prepared for, but again that's the way life works. Combined that with mental/emotional health which is already ignored in even the non-pandemic world. So, here we offer our 5 ways to take care of yourself.

1. Don’t be Cynical

There are a lot of things that you can be in life, screaming that, “the sky is falling” should not be one of them. Being cynical is not only bad for your mental health, but it can infect others too. Try to be optimistic and spread positivity during these hard times. In a world full of media bursting with news of global downfall, try to be a source of good vibes.

2. Understand vs. Understood

We make a lot of cries for our craving to be understood. We impose our cries on our family, friends, children and who not. Instead try to channelize your energy into understanding others. Legends have said that it is always the misunderstood, that understand others well. Never miss any opportunity to be the person that you needed. Give your shoulder, listen to them and give them a sense of being understood. The universe always returns things to you, that you gave out, in the world through your actions.

3. Don’t show your back

The battles which are won, are the ones that have been fought. Try to confront things and sort them out. Be clear and truthful. We have a coping mechanism to shut things up, in order to avoid them. Don’t do that. Whether it’s something that is bothering you in your friendship, or your inner conflicts. Address them. The world has been upside down for a while, and things are not as usual. Some new troubles are bound to happen in this new lifestyle. Face them and instead of running away get rid of them!

4. Introspection is “The Key”

I emphasized on why we should take the initiative to understand others. As humans, we have our own emotional needs that require to be met. Therefore, introspection is the key. Introspect your cravings to be understood, from where your desire is steaming from. Is it something negative, childhood issues, recent work stress, or loss of motivation? As Steve Jobs said, “We can only connect dots by looking backwards, not by forward looking”. Connect the dots, try to understand yourself, and then you will be capable of jumping hurdles. I believe in you and more than that I want you to believe in yourself. The only way out is in.

5. Don’t try to play/test others

No sane person should have thoughts like, “Whoa, the world is facing a pandemic. Everyone is trying to stay indoors. A great time to test my love/friendship” No matter how much we fantasize about being rescued by a cute chap, like in movies. Reality is different. Real love and real friendships happen in real life with real life problems. Maybe, in the movie which you last watched, (because of more free time, thanks to the pandemic), the hero was storming through the dark woods, fighting monstrous creatures and making way for you to deliver the magnificent bouquet. Things in the real world are not that way, your real life hero needs to show real life heroism, liking respecting authorities, taking precautions, wearing masks and staying indoors. Trust me, in real and true love a bouquet of flowers is one of the last things that is cared for.

Takeaway: Do you know, gold gets its shine after being through hot furnaces? Like that, a person becomes better when she/he has been through hard/uninvited circumstances. We, all, will come out of this, better than before, and stronger than ever. I would love to know what you think about my 5 points along with your perception or the way you're dealing with this challenge!

~ Published By: Sahana Golla