5 Steps forward into your Life Purpose

By Joshua Waiters, Ultimate Spark! Graduate & Certified Life Purpose Coach

To tell you the truth let's be honest with ourselves and be transparent about all the bad and impulsive decisions we have made trying to fix and correct the issues in our lives on our own spinning our wheels trying to get to the mountain top.

Why? Why do we feel like we try to control everything on our own and wind up putting ourselves into a situation we are not prepared or ready for or just point blank don't have a clue what our true destiny or purpose lies.

Well in these 5 steps I will share with you on pumping the breaks and slowing down to get a grip on your life.

1. Let's take a moment to ponder on the gifts and abilities that you have that come natural.

God has given every living soul a unique gift in this world and we all have a gift however most people go through life sadly never really identifying their gift which is the manifestation of your true divine purpose.

I myself always thought that the gift had to always be something ''big'' or significant like a talented actor or singer or extremely talented football player which indeed is a gift but there are gifts to the smallest detail that we forget about like great listening skills, having good patience or simply having a natural genuine nurturing spirit to care for people.

Lastly, your gift is what will prosper you and has been assigned to you by God for his glory.

2. Finding who you are and self identity.

Understanding who you are and your identity to the world sometimes seem like a daunting task to figure out but it is a progressive process throughout life.

As you continue to keep living and breathing you will begin to understand yourself and the reflections of your choices, decisions, behaviors etc from the rear view mirror of the past but that's not the focus here however the focus is to live in the present but the point here is to get you to understand ''Growth'' the person you were before and the new person you are today making strides into investing in your mind with positivity and feeling a sense of joy about how blessed you are.

Finally having a spiritual relationship with God is the primary ingredient to grasping your true potential of who you are and why you came here.

3. God will confirm to people numerous times according to your gift and abilities and you have to use spiritual proactive awareness.

Throughout my spiritual journey walking this path of life, I have learned to be spiritually awaken and when it comes to your inner greatness concerning your gift sometimes throughout life God will use people and speak through them for you to receive the message and if you're not spiritually awaken you can miss it but God is so loving and gracious that he will confirm it multiple times.

For example, I have had a few different people confirm my gifts to me throughout my life and I knew it was God speaking and I have heard that I have a great voice and a certain professional demeanor about me that's calm, casual and laid back.

4. Once you discover this gift make a decision that you will work hard to improve your craft, never settle and continue to grow

There is a saying that '' Hard work beats Talent'' well it's very true because it does. However you can have a gift but if you don't continue to work on your craft you will never improve and will never grow and you will be stuck at mediocrity with someone who has a gift but takes it for granted.

Hard work is extremely important and once you incorporate utilizing your gift into that you will soar and grow in your gift and it will make room for you.

There are people out there that don't naturally have your gift but they are open to learn, they are coachable and they have a ridiculous habit of work ethic that will surpass you if you don't grow in your gift.

5. It's time to display your gift and share it with the world.

At this time you know who you are and you are comfortable with the person you have become and now it's time to share your gift with the world.

This is important because people need to know who you are and what this special gift that you possess to help shape and make the world better that you came here. Finally your gift can help give someone courage, inspire, motivate or bring confidence to someone's life without you having a huge impact.

Let's be the best version of ourselves!


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