5 Tips To Help You Discover Your True Life Purpose & Calling

by Joshua Waiters, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Graduate & Certified Life Purpose Coach

Living a life of fulfillment and joy brings purpose to your life but what happens when you can’t identify or discover your true purpose on this planet?

However you feel discouraged, unfulfilled, depressed, mediocre, inadequate and you just start to feel like life isn’t fair or life owes you something. How do we find that purpose and how do we find out who we really are and our significance to life?

In these 5 tips we will narrow down a blueprint to get you on the right track to finding your life purpose…

1. Understanding your humanism, identity and self.

The first thing to understanding what your purpose really is first starts with you, asking yourself who am i? What is my purpose? What was my family background? How do i find it?

Understanding who you are through self reflection, soul searching and a spiritual connection or prayer life are a few of the key elements to understanding the person you are also aligning your goals to the universe through spiritual guidance.

2. Identifying Your True Gifts & Abilities

Identifying your true gifts and talents is something that you have to pinpoint and ask yourself is this a gift that I really have? When we are young our gifts and talents are birthed however its just a matter of time as we get older when they really manifest. When your parents or people around you start to notice this special gift and ability that you have they give you that clarity to push forward on this gift even more which gives you the drive and confirmation that this is something from the universe that was given to you by our spiritual creator.

3. What is that something that you love that brings fulfillment and joy in your life?

In life sometimes we tend to chase after things other people are chasing after because it makes a lot of money or it puts you in a higher position monetarily but we have to take a moment to be honest with ourselves that this something that we are pursuing is not our true purpose or calling which in conclusion we really don’t know who we are. We get up in the mornings dreading going to our jobs that we hate and makes us miserable, ‘’Why’’? We put up with it because we have to pay the bills but its not our passion and we don’t give that job the enthusiastic energy because its not what we want or fulfilling.

To have a purposeful life first we must seek guidance from our spiritual creator whoever you worship or pray to. Also what is that something that you love doing that you could just wake up at 4am without the alarm clock? That something that pulls on your spirit constantly that brings you joy and happiness? Finally that something that you do better than anyone else flawlessly whether its cooking or caring for someone or singing. We all have something that we love that fulfills our soul and that’s our gift to the world.

4. Associate yourself with likeminded people that are positive and have your best interest.

There is a saying, ‘’Get around people that are successful’’ and that really is a true statement. It is important to surround yourself only with positive people that are trying to go in the same direction as you. As you go through life people will see potential in you and see great things in you that you can’t identify with or even see in yourself at the moment or don’t think or feel that you are good enough and doubt yourself. Some people come in your life to ignite that fire you never thought you had, some for a reason, some for only a season and some are meant to stay for a lifetime and all of those people have come to give you something that you are suppose to take with you on your journey in life. Finally these people give you that positive clarity and your spiritual creator in the universe will use people to get you the message and sometimes more than once however we just have to have spiritual awareness and discernment when these people arrive.

5. Always improve to work at your gift and never be comfortable.

The biggest mistake some of us make is when we have discovered our true God given talent or gift we get this huge ego that because its our gift we stop harnessing our skills and stop improving and that will get us nowhere. Successful people indeed have a natural born gift but they had to continuously put in the work to be better and to work at it to improve daily and to grow.

We all should continue to strive for greatness while we our walking in our purpose and never be comfortable also most importantly to remain humble. Nothing is promised to us and even though we are blessed with gifts and abilities.

God can take it away from us when we are not humble so its important to work hard everyday at our gift and to never be satisfied or comfortable because life is about growth and ultimately God gets the glory because our gifts come from creator and he gives every living soul one.


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