7 Ways to Unconditionally Love (Ultimate Spark! Coaching)

By: Sahana Golla, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Junior Coach

“The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved.” - Victor Hugo

We all want to give and receive love. Whether we love ourselves or others in our life, is irrelevant as to the show and depth of our love. We show affection in several different ways, such as through our actions, words, and body language. Loving makes the journey of life so much more fun and enjoyable. Here are 7 ways you can practice giving love in your life:

1. Think of love as more than a feeling. You should wish for your partner, child, sibling’s well-being and overall happiness. You should feel proud of them for their accomplishments and gracious that you get to partake in their journey of personal growth and development. Your love should be pure and unhindered, or unconditional. It should be true, deep, and meaningful.

2. Learn how to listen. Demonstrating good active listening skills can help to show that you are engaged and paying attention to your partner. It can show respect, trust, and empathy. Not only will your partner be happier when you show that you are listening to you, but he or she will also be more likely for open feedback and to listen when you are talking.

3. Practice forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. The old adage proves true in this case. Everybody is human, and nobody is perfect. We all have our own flaws, or our so-called Achilles heel. Some of the best life lessons come from mistakes, or bumps in the road. In order to love more freely and connect on a deeper level, it is important to acknowledge that all of us are human and have to do our part to look past the mistakes and flaws of others.

4. Be transparent. Being open lets your partner know how you are feeling without leaving them guessing as to your true intentions and feelings. While many of us assume that others understand what we are thinking and saying, in reality, what we think, feel, and believe in our head may not be conveyed to the other person meaningfully and clearly. If we are able to concisely and precisely, state what we want to achieve and what we mean, then communication would be a lot easier and our relationships would be stronger because we would be more open to each other through a shared understanding.

5. Work through tough times together. Realize that everyone has their ups and their downs, their perfect days and their bad days. When someone is going through a rough period in their life, that is when they need others the most to rely on and count on. Be there, show up, practice gratitude. These are all simple ways of showing that you care and that you are there for that person.

6. Strike a balance. There is a yin to every yang. Divvy up chores, tasks, and to-do lists with your partner, child, or sibling. Teamwork makes the dream work. Not only will you be able to accomplish less exciting tasks faster, but you will also gain a newfound sense of accountability, respect, and responsibility. In the process, you will grow closer, and you will learn how to compromise.

7. Believe that you and your partner deserve happiness. The Declaration of Independence declares that all Americans are guaranteed “certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our founding fathers recognized happiness as one of the ultimate goals in life and as a basic right that every human should enjoy. This clause in the Declaration was inspired by John Locke in which he said all humans should honor the rights of “life, liberty, and property.” This was changed by the patriarchs of America because they felt happiness was more important. Your ultimate goal in your relationships should not be to merely survive and thrive, but to prosper and see the fruits of your relationship blossom. Ultimately, you are trying to strive to another level of human relations, not just dependence or independence, but interdependence.

With these tips, you are ready to survive and excel in your relationships. Whoever it may be, a spouse, child, brother or sister, will be enormously grateful and joyful when you practice unconditional love and show empathy rather than jealousy or control. Passionate, heartfelt love is what makes life meaningful and exciting, a real rollercoaster. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and with that being said love is a means to an end.

~ Sahana Golla