A Love Eternal...How to Stay Positive (like a Coach) Despite the Odds..

by Soïbon Sanchez, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Graduate & Certified Mystical Mindset Coach

Something you should know about me is I wasn’t always this happy, peppy and positive person.

Back in late 2009, my world was devastated to the point of where it literally felt like the end of the world. On Sunday, September 20, 2009, I awoke to my two oldest girls screaming and crying without making a sound. Yes, you read that right screaming and crying without making a sound. My oldest was 12 and the second oldest was 8 at the time. When I went into my son’s room, I saw my 6.28-month-old son, Nathañyel, was passed from this world!

I lost it and at the same time held together a strength that I never want to deal with again.

I was screaming inside, sad to the point where no tears fell, and full of hate towards myself (because I must have done something horrible in the past and passed it down to my son). For years I was lost, empty, thinking the worst about myself, doubting everything I did and hating everyone around.

... 2013 was a year that woke me up to who I still had and that was my Husband, as well as my four remaining children. Still it was a long road with no clear vision ahead.

...Fast forward to 2017, I tried out in a Model & Talent search and to my surprise I won (I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t love myself at all). Then something told me to push; so, I did but not to my dream (didn’t know what it was, my head was cloudy and hazy still).

- In 2018, I was bouncing in and out of depression about my Son, my weight, my jobs, and my family life. I just couldn’t catch a break, until mid-2018, when yet again another very close family member took a turn down the hill; it was my Grandmother Geri (whom I was the primary physical caregiver).

...I went back to school for her, I took a chance on a new career (Coaching) because of her, I wanted to be better because of her. In late 2018 my Grandmother Geri passed due to Alzheimer’s, and once again I hit a side street of depression.

- In 2019, I became determined to achieve a happier life and through receiving coaching sessions from Emily and others taught by her, I found my happiness.

Have you ever been told that it’s all in your mind?

Or, just think positive? When you have no idea how to think positive or change get that thought out of your mind?

Well, that is the same questions one of my clients told me. My client wants to think positive and get the negative and doubt out of their mind, but they just cannot. If you have been in the same situation, I know it is not easy; especially, if everyone around you is negative or just plain not helpful. There is hope though and I can prove it.

I am great, better than great; I know what you’re saying is this woman crazy (and you would be correct) I am crazy positive!!!!

I have learned that the Universe and I are one and that I can overcome anything with the power of my mind. I love my children all of them ((Step (only legally, mine otherwise), biological, living in this life, or living in another))...

I love my husband of 15 years (16 years together), I love my extended family, and I love my friends. I have cleared out my mind of all negativity and only allowed positivity to enter.

I cannot give away all my secrets (that is what coaching with me will provide..so book a free session..) but I can help you with the beginning…….

1. Begin each day like it was your first day on this planet!

2. Say your power statements in the mirror to yourself every morning!
3. Do 3 Cleansing Breathes!

Remind yourself that, Your Happiness depends on how you LOOK at LIFE, NOT on the way LIFE LOOKS to you.

If you would like to learn more ways on how to change your mindset or any other aspect of your life needs a change get with me.


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Blessed Be & let Positivity Reign