Affirmation Creator! 3 Easy Steps to Success.

by USC Positive Mindset Coach, Meliza Schrock

Creating your own positive affirmations that you can use every day most likely seems like stepping into an entirely new world! The idea of putting words on paper that you may not even believe about yourself is a challenge, but one worth your while.

After learning a bit more about how positive affirmations work, writing down some personalized ones of your own is not a huge step at all.

Of course, it is perfectly fine to use affirmations that have been provided to you, especially when starting out. However, there is a greater benefit from reciting statements that come directly from you.

It may be the added meaning these affirmations bring or perhaps it’s because it helps to know that they came directly from your own darkness. Whatever it may be, at the end of the day, learning anything you can about something positive is always a great thing!

Step 1 – Understand the power of “I AM”

As the great Wayne Dyer taught me through his work, the words “I AM” hold great power that may be used to fully connect us with our higher self – the self we are thriving to be. These two simple words are an expression of God.

As I explored this further, I found that God referred to himself as “I AM” in the Bible. Like you, I am a strong believer of God and even though I have distanced myself from Him in the past, I always find my way back.

I was never much of a Bible reader, so my first encounter with “I AM” was through learning about creating positive affirmations.

“An expression of God?!” “Who am I to use the same words to describe myself that God used?” The thing is, we already use these words on a daily basis. Except, we use them to describe what we are not.

“I am not good enough.”

“I am not smart.”

“I am not worth it.”

There it is, the powerful “I AM”. Its power is still intact and its impact in our lives is still felt the more we use it.

The difference? You have conditioned yourself to use this holy statement to completely knock yourself down instead of raising yourself up. The strength behind “I AM” is being propelled out into the universe with intense negativity.

Basically, the more we use these “I am not” statements to describe ourselves and our capabilities, the more we believe them and become them.

So, why not use this for the greater good – your greater good? Change the internal and external dialogues that you have from “I am not” to “I AM”.

Start each positive affirmation that you create with this powerful expression of God and finish it with something positive about yourself.

Again, the more you use it, the more you believe it, the more you become it – positively this time!

Step 2- Establish the “You are already there” mentality

When you write your positive affirmations, make sure that they are done in the present tense. Even though the statements represent what you want to be, and not what you feel you currently are, they are not to be written in the future tense.

I know, kind of weird huh?

The thing is, these affirmations are meant to work with your subconscious. So, even when your conscious mind may not believe the statements, your subconscious is beginning to make them a reality in your mind.

Take this for instance. An affirmation having to do with self-worth is stated as “I am worthy of happiness” instead of “I will be worthy of happiness.” Give it a try!

The more consistent we are with repeating them on a daily basis, the more strongly we will begin to believe them to be true. Soon enough, all our “I am NOTs,” become positive “I AMs.”

Step 3 – Reconstruct your thoughts

Writing our own affirmations requires looking into the thoughts we have about ourselves and basically turning them inside out. Many positive affirmations come from creating counter statements for the negative ways we see ourselves.

Let’s face it, it is so easy to think up negative ways of describing ourselves and our abilities. Finding negative thoughts to counter is the easy part. The hard part is writing down a statement that turns that negativity into pure positivity.

Think about all the ways that you put yourself down on a daily basis. What are the common themes that you notice? Keep this in mind or write it all down if you need to. That way, it’s all out and not crowding your head anymore.

We know these themes all too well. They come from the darkest parts of us and rule our minds. They include self-esteem, confidence, worthiness, and self-love and they all need positive make overs. These parts of us have been beaten down and negatively impacted since childhood.

Unbeknownst to us, these subconscious tapes that we have playing over and over in the background of our minds are what keeps us stuck, depressed and anxious.

Take your time in doing this and don’t get frustrated with yourself. It is not easy to not only look our negative patterns in the face but also take steps to discontinuing them. But you’ve got this. Start by writing down some of the most common negative thoughts or statements you make about yourself.

Use your knowledge of the power of I AM when you are writing your positive affirmations. Start each one with this powerful expression of God and follow it up with positive reconstructs of negative statements you tell yourself.

Remember, these affirmations are to be written in and said in the present tense. Our subconscious mind will grab on to this new reality the more we say them. Start by creating at least 5 positive affirmations and go from there.

For me, focusing on a few at a time each day helped in making this approach feel a lot less overwhelming. With time, it becomes so second nature that making a statement such as “I AM worthy of all the best things in life” feels exciting, normal and unbelievably possible.

It starts, though, with us taking that look within and deciding to no longer live within the confines of our negative thought patterns.

Knowing how to create strong, powerful positive affirmations is a huge step in that direction. Grab your journal. Grab that pen. Start taking this huge step now!


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