Bring the Outdoors to Your Apartment Complex with These Urban Gardening Tips

By: Shoanne Sejas, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Junior Coach

Whether you are an essential worker, unemployed or working from home Covid-19 has been a jarring and life altering experience for all of us. Now more than ever are we all aware of how interconnected we are and how draining it can be not being able to socialize in person and enjoy nature, especially as the warmer months are coming upon us.

Not to mention, at this point one of the most enjoyable aspects of our lives is the food we eat.

So, why not lift your spirits by bringing a little bit of nature inside that you can eat?

Well, do not worry. I will give you a few bites of tasty and therapeutic inspiration on how to garden from inside:

1. If you want to try and grow something from seed but have no experience doing so, try and grow some lettuce! Lettuce can grow from seed fairly quickly and since it has shallow roots you do not need a lot of dirt to grow it. You can order some seeds from a local farmer or reach out to your local community garden!

2. If you don’t feel ready to grow from seed use some left over produce from the fridge. What do I mean? You can use the heart of a head of lettuce after you harvest the leaves to grow more. In fact, you can do this for a plethora of fresh produce you have bought such as chives, kale, bok choy, celery, and more! It’s as simple as getting a container, some water, and placing the root in.

3. Freshen up your meals by growing and later harvesting your own herbs. My personal favorites are cilantro and basil! These two are pretty easy to grow but take a while to get to the point that you can harvest. Just like the lettuce, they have shallow roots and can grow with little dirt.

4. Do you like tea? Do you like mint? Well, I will have you know that mint grows like a weed and is a great addition to have to your inside apartment garden! It only takes 90 days to grow, it’s low maintenance and the smell adds an aromatherapy bonus!

At a time when things are uncertain and anxiety about the food chain has heightened for many, it can be comforting to know that there are options outside to be self-sustainable. Knowing the food you bought can be used to eat many more times can be fun but it can also be a life saver. Try some of these ideas and share you nature inside results on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #utimatesparkurbangardening!

~ Publisher: Sahana Golla