Chakras 101: How to Improve Your Life Through Your Root Chakra

By: Catherine Crimmins, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Junior Coach

First things first, what is a chakra? In everyone's body there are 7 Chakras starting at the base of their spine and ending at the crown of their head. Chakras are areas with a lot of nerve endings; each chakra is said to control different areas and aspects of life. Chakras stack atop one another so if one is off balance, they all are. It is said that when all of your chakras are in line we become enlightened. A majority of the population if you asked them what a chakra is would probably scrunch their nose and say “Huh? A what now??”. But by understanding which chakras are unaligned in your own body, you can begin to reflect on what in your own life needs improvement. Using chakras is a great way to organize your being the best version of yourself that you possibly can. This week we are going to discuss the foundational chakra, the root chakra. What its characteristics are, how it becomes unaligned, and how to realign it in order to continue on your personal journey towards self betterment.

What is the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra can be found at the base of your spine and extends to the bottom of your feet. It is associated with the color red and its element is earth. The root chakra, or The Muladhara, is the chakra of stability, security, and our basic needs (ie food, shelter, water, survival). When this chakra is open and aligned, we feel safe and grounded. It can also be associated with being a part of a community or family unit.

An Unaligned Root Chakra:

An unopened or unaligned root chakra is dangerous. It doesn’t matter if you have the most perfect heart chakra or an incredibly open third eye, if the root is off balance so is everything else. Think of your root chakra as the foundation you will be building your home off of. You want it to be as secure and grounded as possible! So what does a closed off root chakra look like?

You may often feel anxious for an inexplicable reason.This panic infiltrates your mindset making everything feel very uncertain. Another sign of a blocked root is the inability to concentrate. Afterall, if your basic needs are being threatened, everything else will only be able to capture your attention for a moment or two before your mind begins to wander. Other symptoms include unhealthy relationships with food, low self confidence, extreme negativity, indecisiveness, hypochondria, and a constant need for approval. On the physical side, we see low energy, sore lower backs, leg pain, and a lack of connection to the earth, often meaning a clumsy almost deer fawn-like walking pattern. “So how did my root chakra end up like this?” you may ask. The answer is different for everyone. Often it is when we are faced with uncertainty of what is to come. Losing your job, financial difficulties, moving homes, conflict with members of your community, feeling a lack of community, how secure your childhood was (Think Erik Erikson’s trust versus mistrust), health issues, or getting out of relationships. All of these typically result in an unhealthy amount of fear, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So How Do I Fix My Root Chakra?

In order to open and align a blocked chakra, you will need to try various points of attack. This can involve some changes in your mindset and lifestyle. Below are a few different methods to open a blocked root chakra.


Personally, this is my favorite method. Using and wearing stones are a great way to realign.

Below are stones that will help connect you to your root:

Red Jasper- Great for creating emotional balance and stability.

Hematite- This stone has similar vibrations to the root chakra so it is a sure fire way to connect to your root.

Smoky Quartz- Perfect for letting go of the past and anything that no longer serves you.

Red Carnelian-This stone is great for strength and courage.

Meditation and Yoga:

Yoga and meditation is a great way to feel connected to your body. Using grounding breaths and poses such as mountain, squat, warrior, goddess, and child’s pose will make you feel secure and at home in your own body. Try a root chakra meditation! You’ll be surprised with how grounded it makes you feel.


You are what you eat. Changing up what you put in your body is a great way to open your chakra. Channel root chakra’s element by eating foods that come from the earth. Such as root vegetables (ie potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, garlic, etc). Or use grounding proteins like chia seeds, black beans, quinoa, spinach, almonds, chickpeas, etc. And when all else fails, eat food that is red (root chakra’s associated color) like strawberries, raspberries , tomatoes, bell peppers, etc.


Think of your thoughts like food. If you feed your brain good thoughts, you are gonna feel better than if you feed it negative ones. For root chakra, it is vital to repeat positive affirmations about safety. For example:

- I am always safe.

-I love my body.

-The universe will always provide for me

-I am anchored to the earth and supported by the universe.

-My home is safe and secure.

-I feel my root chakra opening, and I feel myself stabilizing.

Reconnect to Nature:

Feeling connected to something bigger than yourself is a great way to connect to your root chakra. Go outside! Go for a hike. Spending just five minutes connecting to the element of earth can make more of a difference than we even realize.


The major key to opening your root chakra is to accept that you have no control over the outside world. You can’t control what happens to you in the same way you can't control the weather. But what you can control is your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You are in charge of how you react and feel. This mindset is a great way to find security and comfort during a scary time of uncertainty.

~ Published By: Sahana Golla