Chakras 101: How to Improve Your Life Through Your Sacral Chakra

By: Catherine Crimmins, Ultimate Spark! Junior Coach

First things first, what is a chakra? In everyone's body there are 7 Chakras starting at the base of their spine and ending at the crown of their head. Chakras are areas with a lot of nerve endings, each chakra is said to control different areas and aspects of life. Chakras stack atop one another so if one is off balance-they all are. It is said that when all of your chakras are in line we become enlightened. A majority of the population if you asked them what a chakra is would probably scrunch their nose and say “Huh? A what now??”. But by understanding what chakras are unaligned in your own body, you can begin to reflect on what in your own life needs improvement. Using chakras as a way to organize your being the best version of yourself.

This week we are going to discuss everything sacral chakra.. What its characteristics are, how it becomes unaligned, and how to realign it in order to continue on your personal journey towards self betterment.

What is the Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral chakra is located three inches below the navel at the lumbar vertebrae. The color associated with it is orange and its element is water. This chakra is all about feeling, sensuality, creativity, and pleasure. When this chakra is opened we feel in touch with our emotions, unafraid of our own sexuality/sensuality. We are able to create with ease and feel without hesitation.

Signs of an Unopened Sacral Chakra:

How do I know if my sacral chakra is unopened? With sacral it can go one of two ways. Way one, is detaching yourself completely from your sacral. This means you might feel numb and emotionless. You may experience a lower sex drive. You might find yourself just going through the motions and not actually experiencing life in its entirety. In the other extreme you may have an overactive or excessive sacral chakra which can be just as bad as an inactive one. Signs include having all choices ruled by emotions, overindulging in things that bring you pleasure, and co dependency on people or substances. Physical ailments include lower back pain, UTIs, ovarian cysts, reproductive issues, pain during intercourse, and complications with the bladder or kidneys.

So How Do I Fix My Sacral Chakra?

Embody the Sacral Chakra:

Get in touch with your sacral chakra by connecting to the core of the chakra. This means more orange! This can also mean getting more in touch with water. Drink it! Swim in it! Love it!

Get in Touch with your Emotions:

This chakra is all about feeling! So get your feelings out! Whether this means talking to a friend or a therapist or even journaling!


Indulgence is the name of the game! A great way to open your sacral is by feeling and experiencing the world around you. This means not just eating to sustain yourself, but eating and savoring every bite, really tasting the flavor. Take a bath not to get clean, but to feel the warm water on your skin. Using essential oils such as chamomile, spearmint, patchouli, and rose and really taking in the smell is a great way to get in touch. Really feel every sensation the universe can offer you.

Meditation and Yoga:

Yoga and meditation is a great way to feel connected to your body. Anything to open your hip flexors is a good bet! Poses such as squat, goddess, and happy baby are very beneficial for your sacral.


Think of your thoughts like food. If you feed your brain good thoughts, you are gonna feel better than if you feed it negative ones. The following mantras are a great way to get in touch with your sacral chakra!

-I am allowed to express my sexuality in a safe and fun way

-I surround myself with good and supportive relationships

-I experience everything the universe has to offer me

-I am filled with joy and satisfaction

-My body is my home

If you try these techniques you will be well on your way to opening your Sacral chakra. Tune in next week to learn how to get in touch with your Solar Plexus Chakra!