"Did you hear me?" (Effective Communication 101)

by Ultimate Spark! Business Coach Chandel Johns

Effective communication is so much more than talking.

Messaging is everything.

Are your messages resonating with your audience?

There are so many factors that contribute to effective communication and one that we don’t talk about often is how messages are received by the audience. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a great example of how people give and receive messages differently in relationships but this is also true in business.

While you may not be using the same tactics you would when you are trying to communicate that you love someone, you will still want to change your messages to suit your audience. For example, the new people who you have just hired might not understand the results discussion you are having with your leadership team. They do however, need to know your goals and targets and how close or far you are from them. So how do we ensure that the messages we want to convey are being received? Here are a few tips.

First have a communication plan for important messaging. We’ve all heard the saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. So why do we expect our communication will be effective if we don’t plan for it? Who are we sending the message to? What point do we want them to receive when they receive it? How are we going to present the information? What is the desired outcome of the message? Does the person receive it know what the desired outcome is?

Next, knowing that people aren’t all going to receive your message the same, have a back up plan. Have you ever noticed that marketing campaigns often have several similar ads? Besides keeping their campaign more interesting it broadens the spectrum for who will receive the message.

People will resonate with different ads. The same is true when you have a spoken message. It is the reason that there can be 1000 books on the same topic that are all successful. Changing the wording or context of a message can change who internalizes it.

Lastly and probably most importantly, check for understanding. If you are talking to someone ask them open ended questions (questions that can’t be answered by yes or no). If you are sending an email or electronic communication, ask for a reply. If it is a larger scale, check for changes in your results or statistics, for example have your sales trends changed? How much? Or maybe the productivity of your staff has improved? Or declined? Always check in on how the communication has impacted the business.

Knowing your audience, whether it is your staff, co-workers, or customers is the best way to improve your communication. So if you are struggling with communication issues I challenge you to get to know your audience better before attempting the same message again.

Lastly, I would love to hear about any communication challenges or successes you’ve had!


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