Divine Women in Business Spotlight: Philly's Miranda Casiano

About our Empress-in-Training...

"Miranda is the go-to healthy eating coach for successful, career-driven women who want to create SUSTAINABLE healthy eating habits that FIT into their current situation and promote LASTING success. You know your life best, so EMPOWER yourself!"

Tell us about your career track / journey...how did you get your start? Where are you now in 2022?

Ooh, this is a doozy... From the age of 5, I watched my mother be a vibrant career woman, running the outpatient registration department at Temple University Hospital. Then came the onslaught of health issues from asthma to COPD to glaucoma to polymyositis..... She had so many health issues and took so many medications that her body couldn't handle it overcome the side effects and she became an invalid.

Fast forward to my 20s and I'm battling severe health issues of my own. I saw myself going down the same road as my mother, being dependent on medication to have some semblance of a normal life. Then in 2013 my world changed! I'll talk about that accident later but I still feel it's impact today!! I've been working customer service for almost 6 years now and it's been hard to be on my feet all day.

By the time a shift is over it's a virtual certainty that my back will ache all through my spine. To mitigate this pain, I realized I needed to reduce the inflammation in my body. I didn't have time to follow strict fad dieting rules or even sit down for a conventional meal. So I found nutrient dense foods like REBBL Reishi Chocolate Protein Shakes as bridges to fill the gaps in my eating schedule.

The more I stuck with the nutrient dense foods, I noticed my pain was less severe. If I deviated and had empty-calorie foods, my body would inform me with sudden pains down my back.

It was my first lesson in the old saying "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food," from Hippocrates, the Father of Western medicine.

What advice would you give to other women about Healthy Eating?

Healthy eating is much more than what we choose to eat. Your relationship with yourself and your career are the two biggest influences in your food decisions.

To eat better, you should:

1. Study your schedule for at least 3 weeks. Get to know it inside and out so you can use it to your advantage!

2. When you know your schedule, find 1 or 2 ways to make a 1% improvement. When I give part time receptionists their lunch break, I go down to the front desk 5 minutes early so I can drink 1 or 2 small cups of water from the water cooler.

3. Write EVERYTHING down!! It can be a quick note on your phone or a long journal entry... When you write it down, you can go back and connect the dots regarding what actions you took in specific situations.

There were times I'd go a whole day without eating because I was the only person working the front desk. In time I realized I could put store bought smoothies in the refrigerator and use them as a stepping stone in the insanity.

What is your most influential/important/life-changing experience you had encountered in your career and what was the lesson you learned?

I was walking to my local library in West Philly when my sneaker got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. My knees took the brunt of my fall and instantly swelled up to the size of a softball. Sitting on the closest stoop waiting for my dad to take me to the ER felt like an eternity!

After coming home from the ER I patiently completed my two weeks of minimal activity. Towards the end of that time I decided to take my trash out. Before I could go back up the stairs to my apartment, my back spasmed and completely gave out! I couldn't walk without someone to lean on.... So back to the ER for me. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong but it took 20 agonizing minutes to simply sit up! The worst thing was having to sit through my father's fist surgery...

After 90 minutes of my back feeling like it was on fire, I had to leave early and rest in the car. As soon as I got home, I put myself on 18+ hours of bed rest a day for 6 months! Then I wrote a list of all the healthy foods I already enjoyed: oatmeal, yogurt/granola, and protein shakes. These were easy to make so I spent minimal time on my feet. Along with the occasional pre-packaged meal from Lean Cuisine, I buckled in for my recovery...

6 months in I lost 30 pounds with NO EXERCISE! 8 years later I'm down 70 pounds and I NEVER follow a diet!! This experience taught me how much of an ALLY food is in our health and wellness goals.

When we know what it can do to EMPOWER our bodies, we're much more likely to stick with healthier habits! In the end, I felt a paradigm shift: don't sacrifice the foods you love, make them more nutrient dense to keep them in your repertoire.

What is the future of your brand/business in the next 3 years?

I'm on a mission to free as many women from the yo-yo diet roller-coaster as possible!! We partner together to create SUSTAINABLE healthy eating habits that FIT into their current situation.

It's the key to LASTING success because you can alter them to whatever whatever curveball your personal or professional life may throw at you! In 3 years, I want to open my first wellness center where women can get personalized meal ideas and workout tips, particularly yoga, once I finish my certification.

I love connecting with women who are determined to achieve their health and wellness goals!

What are 3 key marketing, branding, publicity tips, websites or resources you would recommend to other women?

The best resources I'd recommend are a WordPress with Elementor Pro website, a business coach that challenges you to stay on your goals, and a true passion for your business!

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