6 Ways to a Positive Mindset through "The Mystical Avenue"..

by Soibon Sanchez, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Graduate & Certified Mystical Mindset Life Coach

First things first, what is a Mystical Avenue??

Well the version of Mystical Avenue that is being discussed here is the one that everyone has gone down from time to time.

This avenue is one taken when life throws a curve ball, when tragedy strikes unexpectedly, when mistakes made are victories won, when the strange becomes the desired. The avenue is opened through the portals of Earth, the Cosmos, the mind, nature, the spirit, and all too often are ignored, overlooked and dismissed as silly, superstitious, or just plain childish.

In order to achieve a positive mindset, one must venture into the mystical avenue every now and then to break the barriers that prevent one from living their best and most awesome life. Below are the top 6 things that will help to have a positive mindset:

1. Mindful Journaling:

This can change the brain activity in the areas that control well-being and process emotion (as verified by cognitive neuroscientists).

2. Creating a Plan

Using a Law of Attraction Planner: www.freedommastery.com; this will increase your emotional vibration.

3. Meditation:

A new non-religious secular meditation can be found in the book secular Meditation: 32 Practices for Cultivating Inner Peace, Compassion, and Joy by Rick Heller.

4. Setting you intentions:

Using Lunar cycles as a guide to manifest the absolute best versions of oneself is a great start. Go to www.Lunarly.com for a box every month to receive helpful tips and other items.

5. Learning your past (not your current life past but your family’s past):

Self-discovery is not just about you but about what/who made you. Your ancestors can be a road map to what you have become. You cannot move to the future without understanding your past.

6. Look into the eyes of a baby (human or animal) to discover innocents.

These things are just to top 6 ways to achieve a Positive Mindset through the Mystical Avenue; do not worry there are more, and we will discuss that in the next post, so stay Positive always...


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