The 4 Asks of the Imperfectly Actionable Perfection...

Written by: US!C Guest Writer, Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist, Mental & Emotional Well Being Coach Aahana Mulla

What we Say...

"'You learn more from losing than winning', 'Nobody is perfect', 'You cannot have everything', 'It is what it is"'. This can be amusing in conversations that many people have everyday about perfection. These statements are so common that many times we actually believe them to be true.

The things we say lead to a very negative space in life, pushing us further down the rabbit hole the more we repeat them. This infamous hole is full of anxiety, substance abuse, depression, and overthinking. We then deal with not only an emotional roller coaster, we also deal with a vicious cycle that manifests through physical ailments.

What We Want

The mind is fascinating; despite all the imperfect statements we say to ourselves and/or out loud, our mind begins to dream to frame things differently. Statements like the perfect relationship, the perfect bank balance, the perfect family, the perfect friendships, the perfect life.

The trick is to stay content, to stay happy and present in the moment. Remember the quotes that give solace and joy; contentment and inspiration, pleasure and passion. Everyone is the same and wanting more is an innate trait we all possess.

What We Do

Never give up, building blocks are missteps of our last action. Consistency is the key to perfection. Every time we do something that did not have the result we were seeking before we approach the situation with new actions, and stronger determination. Learning to respond with thought, instead of emotional reactions is how we build our actions from imperfect to perfect.

What We Create

A quest comes along through many imperfect situations. The worth and power comes through creations and imperfections that were actionable. The stories to share and encourage other who are struggling through a similar quest become perfect examples to lead. When we understand time and season we focus on our own quest to perfection and the reality of the imperfect actions we have taken. Create your own reality through imperfectly actionable activities.


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