Improving Your Mood in 6 Simple Steps:

By: Chasney Seibert, Coach at Ultimate Spark! Coaching

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” - Tom Wilson

Life is not perfect, we all know this. Negative news headlines and stories start and end our day. We scroll through social networking and see more conflict than positivity. How do we reverse these feelings of negativity and heartbreak? Can we find ways to acknowledge reality, yet also cope with our emotions? I believe the answer is yes. By following these 6 simple steps, your mood can be improved, while having a positive impact on both you and those around you.

1. SMILE- While we all know the phrase “Fake it til you make it”, is there actually some benefit to faking a smile, even on a tough day? Research says YES! Smiling has shown to improve mood, while decreasing stress and anxiety. Better yet, smiling is a three for one deal. While improving your own mood, your contagious smile could improve the mood of those around you as well! Not to mention, smiling also strengthens your immune system, which everyone needs right now!

2. SOCIALIZE- Human beings crave socialization. A busy social life has been proven to decrease levels of depression and increase overall satisfaction. Specifically, researchers say that face-to-face contact is ideal, in order to reap these benefits. While in person meetings are the most beneficial, video chatting can be a substitute to get you by until you can reunite with friends and family. Social networking can also be used to meet additional new people from all around the world!

*Note: Make sure the people you are surrounding yourself with, either in person or online, are influencing you in a positive way and are not decreasing your happiness.

3. SLEEP- The typical recommendation for sleep each night is generally 6 to 8 hours. Each individual's required night sleep will differ due to age, genetics, health, and many other factors. However, what happens when we do not get a full night’s sleep? Not resting our bodies enough leads to excess stress and a negative mood. Research has shown that individuals who get a full night’s rest tend to be happier overall and more satisfied with life than those that do not. If you are having trouble sleeping soundly at night, consult with a doctor to see about getting this issue addressed.

4. SUNSHINE- Sunlight has been PROVEN to improve mental health and overall sense of well being. The bright light from the sun tells your body to release serotonin and endorphins, increasing your mood and making you feel happier! You will also absorb Vitamin D from sunlight, which is a key factor in reducing stress.

What if you are stuck inside?

If you are unable to increase your exposure to the sun due to health or time constraints, consider painting the inside of your house strategically. Psychologically, paint colors can have similar benefits as sunlight on mood.

  • YELLOW- Yellow paint collects and reflects the sun’s rays, to boost your mood from indoors!

  • GREEN or BLUE- For an outdoor-like feel, that gives you a sense of restfulness and encouragement, consider green or blue paint in your home.

  • ORANGE- If you feel you are lacking energy, orange is the color for you! The color orange increases levels of feelings such as enthusiasm and energy.

  • PINK- The color pink has a calming effect on the nervous system and can even reduce feelings of anger or aggression. It also can give you a feeling of love and understanding.

5. SWEAT- Exercise also stimulates the production of serotonin in the body to increase mood. Additionally, regular exercise improves sleep quality, which in turn, improves your emotions and decreases stress levels. If you can’t get into the gym, or do not want to pay gym fees, you can exercise from home! Make sure to find an exercise plan that you enjoy, or you will not stick with it! Variety in your exercise will help you reduce burnout as well. My favorite methods of staying active include doing virtual 5ks and picking a friend to do our best attempt at partner workout challenges! While we might embarrass ourselves and are not the most graceful, we definitely have fun and feel the burn the next day!

6. SHARE- Helping others helps you! Performing acts of kindness for someone else improves both your and their feelings of optimism and happiness. Giving doesn’t always have to involve money. Share your time, talents, and passions to make a difference! Consider volunteering in a field you are interested in, taking on an unpaid internship helping a start-up company, or simply be there for your friends when they are in need. You may not even feel appreciated in the moment, but in the end, this decision is likely to improve the mood of all parties involved.

WHY should YOU follow these 6 simple steps?

Reducing your stress level and improving your mood results in a better quality of life, and can even increase your lifespan. Positive mood and attitudes actually drive you to succeed in all aspects of life. With a positive mindset, you begin to develop resilience and are able to overcome even the steepest of obstacles. In the end, that positive mood will get you on the fast track to SUCCESS!

~ Publisher: Sahana Golla