Manifest Abundance in Your Life

by Mosi Smith, Ultimate Spark! Coaching Graduate & Certified Relationship & Spirituality Coach

We want to believe that our strength and success comes from us.

But how do you breathe, or what makes your heart beat?

As humans, we do not breathe or live by our power alone. Our human spirit connects us to our physical being to live and make a living. So, we need to connect Spiritual with physical.

Spirituality is our belief in something bigger than us. Our human spirit connects to the higher spirit to decide how we live our life every day.

We are searching for a life with happiness, strength, endurance, and prosperity. It gives balance to your physical and spiritual calling.

To have this connection, you find that your creator wants to connect so you know your true calling. Faith and Discipline are essential for spiritual growth. Here I will show how to guide your life closer to your higher power.

1. Know your connection by finding your religion.

Even though everyone is not religious. Everyone grows faith. It may be God, Allah. Knowing how to use religion as a way of discipline and learning to go by discipline is helpful for balance.

2. Question yourself "why am I here?"

We all know that our parents are the reason we are born, but being born does not tell you why you are who you are. Your creator made you before your parents had you. So it is important to meditate and fast to you know who you are.

3. Give your heart a makeover.

We talk to counselors, pastors, teachers and everyone in authority to help us with our heartaches. But we should reach deeper and believe that our heart hurts because of hurtful words, hatred, and selfishness.

Our spirit needs us to test why it can go further. It connects knowing who what and why you are heartbroken is helpful in who you are to your hearts repair.

4. Tune into your energy for it is necessary for the "Life Wheel of Stability."

We need confidence in our spirit is essential to your soul. Know that positive energy is important to get back positive power.

5. Focus on what you are trying to carry out by learning your connection.

Are you starting your journey to receive happiness, become rich, or even corporate fish? Well focusing on your why's helps you connect to your purpose.

6. Fasting should be part of spiritual purity.

Find a stable diet that stimulates you to improve diet.

7. Journal your experiences.

Find what you need to improve. Think objectively being sure not to criticize, brings positivity.. Positive solutions to your uniqueness. Your designer carefully designed you for awesomeness. Your spiritual makeup helps your knowledge of you.

8. Keep focusing on your goals.

Goal preparation and identifying make you whole. You need to be in tune with your physical wellbeing. Knowing that your goal is why you are who you are is helpful in succeed your goal

9. Keeping fit is your connection with balance.

Our physical body needs care and so does our mind. Balancing the physical by eating the right foods and exercising maintains your care for proper health. Proper hygiene clears your mind.

10. Love yourself, Because your creator loves you and trying to connect to your higher being needs love to thrive.

You are who you are and should be proud of why your energy should care and love. Love battles everything, In doing these things we learn that Spirituality is important because it helps us succeed on a higher and deeper level.. We have been through trials and tribulation and important to have your spirit cleanse and recognized so you can go further. Life is difficult but your spirit needs feeding to live.

Just knowing that balance is essential to endure life's troubles.

But knowing that a higher being is controlling the wheel of life gives you peace.

We should be confident of life’s royal benefits. Not material but sacred. Knowing that our connecting to our birthright applies to Life's pattern and important to our energy. Your energy being whole makes you wholesome and prepares you know that our maker is the one who has control of our purpose.

The creator knows that we are the main ingredient to happiness, prosperity, everlasting happiness.

So using spirituality to for business, family, emotional and physical success should give you relief.

We should believe our author wants us to learn our calling and live in it confident that the best is yet to come. Be free to know you are ready to improve your divine linkage with your physical attachment.


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