"Momma...just smile" (Coaching by a MommaPreneur)

by Ultimate Spark! Life Strategist for MommaPreneurs Amber Rose Gallagher

As a mother, I am no stranger to days that seem to have a mind of their own. So many times, I wake up and on my way to do my workout, the baby wakes up. Then, I get a time sensitive message that I just have to answer RIGHT THEN and the next thing you know, I’m on facebook giving helpful advice in one of my mommy groups. :/

I have observed my day woosh by time and time again. Finally, I created a strategy for keeping it together.

I DECIDE what I’m going to do way before its time to do it.

I like to spend time once every couple of weeks sorting through all the possible events and free activities we can attend. Even if you’re on a budget, there’s always something free to enjoy in the neighborhood. You just have to find it. There’s a great site for moms and kids of all ages that I love to use called Pearachute. Founded by a Chicago local, its now in many major cities across the nation. They even give you your first 30 days free so you can see how awesome it is. Meetup.com is also another great option to scope out things to do and make new friends. If you’re looking for a specific kind of momma you want to hang with and you can’t find them, start the group yourself!

I PLAN ahead.

When the day of the activity approaches, maybe a few days out-- go through the day and take note of the location, travel time, things you may need, and any costs associated. Run through the day in your head (and even on paper) before you’re actually in it. This can really help you to think of anything you may regret not having in the moment (like a phone charger or underwater camera).

I clean the house THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Nothing more dizzying than being ready to leave but then walking in circles because you feel you need to tidy up before you go so you don’t come home to a mess later. Sometimes this is pure self-sabotage rearing its ugly head. It’s best to get it out of the way so it can’t take hold of you later.

I do ANY kind of physical activity as soon as I get up.

If I don’t workout in the morning, I literally cannot think straight. I’m sluggish. I’m easily distracted. And I have next to no patience for any turbulence that may come my way, quite likely in the form of a very testy 16 month old or a preteen that won’t get out of the mirror. Physical movement is imperative to me having a successful day. I don’t trust myself not to. Even if I’m pressed for time, I will grab my baby and do some squat-tosses with her. If you don’t know what that is, I will be sure to do a video.

Put the baby down for a nap in the car seat so you can leave as soon as you’re ready.

This one is sometimes met with controversy, but I stand by my hack. Instead of putting the baby down in a crib, go ahead and let her sleep in the car seat so when you’re ready to go, you can just pick it up and go buckle it right in and take off. No harm.No foul. If your kid(s) are bigger, your version of this would be to get everyone out of the house. Have them play in the yard (weather permitting). Or even get them to wait in the car, if you can work that miracle. There’s something powerful about moving the energy out the door that gets things going. The less chaos around you, the more clarity within you. Then you can make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

I congratulate myself and GIVE THANKS!

Yay!! You did it! No matter what happens from this point forward, you are with your child(ren) and making memories that they, and you, will cherish for a lifetime. There is nothing more valuable than that. Be present to what you have around you. Gratitude is the most powerful essence in the Universe and the ability to bring toward you everything you always wanted. Take the time to activate that feeling, and you are doing the equivalent of pulling all you want closer to you with a big fat rope.


This is super-charged and very basic version of how I create strategies to get out of my own way. If you want help creating a custom strategy for yourself and your family on any topic, use the ‘Book Me’ button on this page and schedule a complimentary session. You can change your life. One tweak at a time.


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