The 7 Chakras of our Inner Universe..

Written by: US!C Guest Writer and Life Thriving Coach Jasmin Defensor

For many people the pandemic of 2020 has forced them to stretch their entrepreneurial gene and what better way to do that then to make Play and Rest a fixture in your 2021 calendar.

Spring Break with the conclusion of the 1st Quarter right around the corner think about booking that flight (allowed by CoVid restrictions) and get that relaxation with some play energy to activate.

Reasons to Focus on our Chakras!

Chakras are your body and soul's fountain of energy which builds each person's Power and Health. When aligned one will operate at their highest Power! Chakras can be blocked and the key to unblocking them are with Relaxation and a place of play. Below are 7 examples that show how when at your highest power, your business and personal life become enjoyable.

1) Crown Chakra:

Located above your head, where the realm of possibility resides. Business success and the beliefs we carry are located in the Crown Chakra. When we allow rest and play to enter this zone we are taking a deep breath.

This is a perfect time to get out a pen and paper to see what wants to come out to push you to that success marker.

2) Third Eye Chakra

Located on the forehead between your eyes, where the realm of inner wisdom resides. Here one can tap into their inner self and develop their path to reaching a higher self. Rest and Play in this area help to sort out all of the possibilities.

When focusing on the Third Eye Chakra, Entrepreneurs show consideration not only to themselves but also to their community, stake and stock holders. Taking time to focus on the Third Eye Chakra slows the view of opportunities as well as view long term effects of decisions.

3) Throat Chakra

As so aptly named the Throat Chakra is located in the throat, speech is a powerful tool that we have; which is why this Chakra is important. Speech is easy however deciphering that speech comes when one has the ability to rest and play with the language used.

Giving the best speech to your team and yourself is key to bring your empires to the top level . Many successful empires have fallen due to a failed speech.

4) Heart Chakra

Aptly named the Heart Chakra is located in the chest, where we also find the heart. Creating momentum in life as well as business is what the heart chakra does best. Just as the ancient Mayan, as well as Aztecs noticed the heart beat brings life to all things, so does the flow of the business rest in the ability to determine the flow of business choices.

When taking a closer look at the heart chakra one can see where a sour business venture has latched itself emotionally to the organization. Take this time to remove that blood clot!

5) Solar Plexus Chakra

Located right above your naval, we find the Solar Plexus Chakra. The naval was the first group of tissues created in the womb; this is where nourishment came into our body and built the foundation that is us. The alignment with truth and having a blockage here will show up through physical stomach issues. Rest and play allow situations in your daily life and business to reset.

Take that trip or spend that alone time and focus on your solar plexus chakra. This is when you find your base and your drive to continue. Time to rejuvenate and open this chakra.

6) Sacral Chakra

Located in the most intimate of places on the body, we find the Sacral Chakra. Creation and a strong connection to others radiates at the core of this chakra. Rest and play used with this chakra tend to be on a more intimate, and primal level.

Using the sacral chakra in business is so powerful and it means you have found your passion and purpose. Yet, one does not want to over use this power, so rest and play outside of business.

7) Root Chakra

At the base of the spine we find the Root Chakra, where we ground ourselves. This is where we have the cup that must be filled every day. Rest and play help to fill the cup with sustainability, freedom and time.

All day, all week one uses that cup to pour into their business and what happens when the day or week is over? This is the point to this article: REFILL THAT CUP!!!

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