Regression in Hypnotherapy (Ultimate Spark! Coaching)

By: Ultimate Spark! Guest Contributor Candace Savage

"Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing."

Regression is a powerful yet gentle healing tool that’s free and empowers my clients. When you take your mind out of the chaos of everyday life, and allow your focus to go within, you discover a great source of guidance and healing. Visiting a past life has the ability to help resolve emotional, and physical issues. The past lives that are presented to a client are far from random. They always share a common theme, or lesson, with the life we are living now. The way we handled challenges in the past can offer insight, and a deep and profound understanding of our soul’s path.

I had a client who had brought to the session many concerns. When I do a regression, I always use my intuition, and whatever else shows up to guide me in my sessions, be it spirit guides, or angels. When I began this client’s regression, I was guided to start with her headache issue. This client suffered with frequent sinus headaches. The first life that came up was that of a 14-year-old pioneer girl, in 1643. This girl was driving down a very bumpy road, in a covered wagon with her mother, when they hit a large rock and she was thrown from the wagon. She hit her head on the same rock that had jolted the wagon, and this was on the right side where my client’s headaches always started. The girl did recover from the injury, but the girl in this life continued to suffer from pain, and dizziness like my client did in her current life. The lesson from this life was kindness. When the client acknowledges this lesson, she begins to experience a tingly, warm feeling in her sinuses, as so often happens when circulation returns to a congested area.

However, I felt there was more, and sure enough, there was another life for her to visit. This life was a Native American female who had been foraging with another tribe member for food. The other female was chopping a root with an axe when she got in the way and was hit in the right cheek with an axe, by accident. There was a lot of blood, and terror, associated with this accident. What the client acknowledged was trapped, and needed to be freed, which is what we did.  The lesson from this life was caution. ALL past lives have a lesson, and this lesson ALWAYS resonates with the client’s current life! When the client acknowledged that the lesson of caution tied in with protection concerns she had for her own family, the warmth and tingling resumed in her sinuses. Following this, I felt that this concern had been taken care of.

When you approach your issues with an open mind, it is amazing the journey you can take!

~Published by: Sahana Golla