Sustainability Strategies for your Biz in 2021

By US!C Business Coach Jasmin Defensor

Sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Time is your greatest asset in business. For a business owner a big concern around time is sustainability over time. Once time passes one can not get it back.

In 2020 many business owners failed this test of time while many pivoted to flourish and are now thriving in these times.

I would like to go over nine strategies that will promote sustainability for any business owner overtime. These are some of what separated the business owners who are thriving and the business owners who closed.

  1. Keep six months of expenses somewhere you do not touch or see.

  2. Reduce your contact and travel liabilities by using Zoom, Gotomeeting, or Googleplus. Even Facebook has video conferences now.

  3. Create ways for clients and customers to pay you online. Check out clickfunnel systems.

  4. Be self reliant less outsourcing all while Knowing when to outsource. Anything you do to "save" money always costs you energy in other places.

  5. Consider affiliate products or network marketing. Take production and storage off of your tasks.

  6. Solar, harness the power of the sun. If you are the owner of your business buildings or even your home, pivot with the times and stop paying electric bills. Once you pay off your equipment, the power grid starts paying YOU for contributing to the grid. Why pay for electricity when you could be paid for electricity?

  7. Stay alert. Keep a calendar. Calendars and check lists for everything! Your media posts, your self care, your environment care, your relationships, your meetings. Adopt the mentality of your calendar being your hourly and daily instructions to your self.

  8. Always speak for the outcome that serves everyone best. Oxygen and time are resources. Spend them serving the highest good!

  9. Less stimulants, more water. On average for every 8 ounces of coffee you consume you will need 24 ounces of water just to make sure that electricity in your body can be conducted! Don't burn out!

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