How to TAKE CARE of yourself in 4 Ways...

Written by: US!C Guest Writer & Life Purpose Coach Jen Young

1. What is self care?

Self care for a long time was just a term or phrase loosely used in life. Saying, "Oh I take care of myself, I shower, brush my teeth & eat right!" Runs through the mind when the topic of self care is mentioned. Usually people shrug it off as something that does not apply to them and rarely give it another thought. Well, I have got news for you self care, means so much more and I have begun to understand more and more every day.

2. Dig deep!

Depth, limits and positivity; these are key essentials in the self care journey. Truly understanding the practice of self care is to grow, to learn and believe that taking care of one's self is on a deeper level both inside and outside. Taking the time to rejuvenate, recharge, refuel and reconnect is a weekly; even daily task one must do to maintain and preserve your well being. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual toll the day or week enacts upon us must be reviewed through precise, methodical thought. When we ignore these levels we create a domino effect, (for instance: when we lack self care on an emotional level we push the domino to the ground which in turns pushes the next level 'mental' effortlessly and the rest follow). The great design of the human being is very similar to the way a computer is designed the three major power sources (body, mind, and soul) are synced together and run smoothly.

3. Selfish or Conceded

Isn't self care just another way to get away with being selfish or conceded? Neither of these definitions are true. Being able to put yourself first and meet your own needs is beneficial to all the beings around you. The reason this is so comes from the amount of joy you will find when all your needs are met. You will be able to assist others in their tasks like offering to clean off the table when you are done will help others who have to run off for a quick meeting not stress on doing more work or being late. You are also able to give more of yourself to others in a way that brings joy and happiness to your soul. Self care is about taking time, making time, giving yourself the attention you deserve to keep you healthy at every level.

4. Manage your self care

We have all been there, the weight is out of hand and we need to eat better and exercise; yet our schedule is already so full and we now have to add self care to the mix, this is exhausting! Self care being added to the mix actually allow you to look at your day realistically with organization. Tips to help you get started:

* Small steps lead to great effects- Prioritize your day/week.

*Increase gradually- Walk do not leap

*Adjustments- Make the uncommon common

*Repetition- Learn by repeating the action daily

*Cope- Accept the process and work through

*Kindness- be understanding and nice to yourself

*Rewards- Mark your accomplishments with positive encouragements.

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