Who is Chandel? A look at this Confident Coach's Mindset..

by Ultimate Spark! Business Coach Chandel Johns

Sometimes we ask ourselves the wrong questions when we want to make a change.

What is the problem? Why is this happening? Who is responsible for the problem? Where did we go wrong? When is this going to be resolved?

I recently connected with a very inspiring individual on the topic of self confidence and inner dialog.

He had some really great insights that are helping me very much on a personal level. I was reflecting today on my work and how his insights might be applied to helping people with their businesses and I thought I would share them for anyone interested in moving their business or career forward faster.

I want you to ask yourself what all of the negative questions that you ask are when you are trying to solve a problem. Make a list, like the one above. Then make another list of what the positive opposite question would be.

For example, if you ask; “What is the problem?” the opposite might be “What is the solution?”, “Why is this happening?” might be replaced with “What lesson can I teach my team from this situation”, “Who is responsible for this problem?” could be replaced with “Who has the skills to help fix this problem?”.

When all is said and done, whatever change needs to be made, whether it is an adjustment on a process, an error, or an optimization, it already needs to happen.

My epiphany was, why am I making the most of situations in my personal life and not in my work life. I’m not always taking the positive out of the situation. If I ask the positive questions, everyone on my team will feel more empowered to fix them. Including myself.

I’m guilty of negative inner work dialog, and I’m working on changing the game. If you think you are guilty of this too, tell me what the negative question is that you are asking and I’ll try to help you find the positive opposite to empower you and your team.


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